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Hiking & Biking

During the Spring/Summer/Autumn months, you can explore Glenmore via hiking or biking, taking in the best of in this stunning environment.


With five huts to choose from the options are many as to how you plan your adventure. Refer to the map below to see hut locations and walking distance between each, then make your hut bookings to suit. 

Guided Hiking Alpine Tours

Tekapo Adventures offer exclusive guided multi-day hiking trips exploring the beauty of Glenmore Station.

Starting in Lake Tekapo, you'll journey into the remote reaches of the Cass Valley wilderness by a 4WD, before hiking into the Gammack Range, bordered by Mt Cook.


Private alpine huts, a warm meal and a cold beverage await you after each spectacular day, ensuring you'll have an experience of a lifetime.

SS_Tekapo Adventures_0086.jpg

Best Huts for Hiking

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