Cass Valley Huts

We have designed and built these huts for those who want to experience some of New Zealand's best backcountry skiing terrain with stunning views in all directions.

All of our huts have log burners, firewood, fully equipped kitchens & gas cookers (including gas).  

Our online booking system is for ski touring & private hiking only.


Strictly NO HUNTING allowed on Glenmore Station.

Please note: Our online booking system is currently getting an upgrade. To book a hut, please contact us via our contact page.

For Helicopter enquiries contact: Tekapo: Mackenzie Helicopters 021 685 011 or Air Safaris 03 680 6880

Glentanner: HeliLine 03 435 1801 or Mt Cook: Heli Works 03 435 1460


The Lady Emily offers breathtaking views all year round and is a fantastic base for both winter and summer adventures. It’s an ideal hut for ski touring, with both of the valleys above providing excellent terrain, especially Spot X and the Velvet Chutes. Completing the circuit and skiing everyone's favourite run, The Scorpian is also a highlight. 


After a fun day of adventures, we recommend heading to the Bad Decision Hut for a dram of whisky before heading back to the hut. (Winter season only)


We offer a service in conjunction with Whiskey Galore in Christchurch, where you can order your favourite bottle online and we will have it waiting for you at the hut. Please note that your order needs to be completed by June 30 each year. If this interests you, please check out all the info here.


Lady Emily has two separate rooms (North 4 beds, South 6 beds) that share heat from the log burner.


$75 per person per night.


Built in 2018, Falcon's Nest is a great summer location with access from Tin and Lady Emily huts.​

Situated at the head of the Tin Hut creek, Falcon's Nest offers plenty of great ski touring from the hut and has 8 beds.  The more popular runs include below the Bad Decision, the saddle into the Fork stream and the head of the Tin Hut stream. For the more adventurous, 'The Needles' in the Fork Stream offer steep, deep powder.

Sitting at 1500 metres, the hut is a two-hour hike from the valley floor (beware of avalanche run-outs after heavy snow). Some visitors choose to helicopter in, and after dropping their bags at the hut they get a lift to the top of the ski slopes for the first run of the day. You can also get heli-lifted into the hut for a wonderful summer break if you prefer not to hike in.


After a fun day of adventures, we recommend heading to the Bad Decision Hut for a dram of whisky before heading back to the hut. Find out more info here.

$75 per person per night.

the falcons nest
O'Leary's Hut_glenmore.jpeg

Welcome to Glenmore's newest hut.

Situated at 1,700m, O'Leary's Hut is a three-hour hike from Waterfall hut. The options are to either drive to Waterfall hut then gain access via hiking and/or ski-touring or  a helicopter.

O'Leary's is unique as it provides not only an excellent base for epic day trips but also is located at the head of a valley allowing you to do laps from the door if you wish. 

We also know that the O'Leary's valley is the last place to lose the snow so the Spring skiing opportunities here would be hard to beat!

On the day of your departure if you want to head off skiing you can leave your packed gear in the hut, but please be courteous of others who are checking in on that day.

$75 per person per night.


The Bad Decision is a bivvy style hut that rests on the ridge between the Falcons Nest and Lady Emily huts. 


The unique idea behind this hut is to enjoy a dram or two of your own whisky from Whisky Galore in Christchurch.


Your chosen bottle will be flown to the hut so
when you are skiing past, you can stop and enjoy a drink in what we believe to be the highest whisky bar in the world (2,100m). 


Your bottle(s) can stay in the hut for as long as you like, and
it will be up to all ski touring parties to be respectful of the
purchases of others. Of course, if you don't have whisky in the hut, you can enjoy sitting inside or outside, soaking up the sun, taking a break or sheltering from the weather if needed.

Click here for all the info you need to order your whiskey. All orders need to be placed before June 30th for the current season.

SS_Tekapo Adventures_0101.jpg
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The memorial Hut is one of our original station mustering huts located at the head of the Cass Valley where the Cass River meets the Ailsa Stream. It was built in 1928 in remembrance of Arthur Major who lost his life while mustering sheep up the Cass Valley in 1923. 


It is a wonderful skiing base or summer retreat to explore the Ailsa Valley and upper branches of the Cass. The ultimate day out is to summit Mt Hutton with both the Faraday and Huxley glaciers providing great skiing. Frozen waterfalls up the Ailsa also provide some fantastic ice climbing terrain. 


Twin waterfalls are a short walk from the hut and provide a unique, invigorating experience in the warmer summer months as you stand under the waterfall spray at the base of the falls. 

This hut has 8 beds and a log burner along with kitchen equipment. The inspiring scenery is breathtaking plus you can drive right to the door in your 4WD vehicle.


$40 per person per night


The Tin Hut has more comfort than most backcountry huts, with 10 beds, a fully-equipped kitchen, log burner and a spacious bathroom including a shower and hot running water.


On arrival, you can light the thermette-style water heater in the bathroom, which gives you plenty of hot water in less than half an hour – ideal after an adventure in the mountains!

The Tin Hut is used as our base on the station's annual autumn muster every April. Eight musterers and their dogs spend a week mustering the ewes home before the winter snow arrives.

This hut is equipped with cookers, plates, cutlery, pots and pans – all you need and so convenient. And being only an hour drive from the station homestead, you can enjoy a high country hut experience, even if you don't want to walk there!


There are plenty of short walks available from the hut door; your stay will be surrounded by peace and tranquillity.

$50 per person per night.

Tin Hut.jpg

Nestled at the base of a stunning waterfall and built over 100 years ago, the Waterfall Hut is back to basics. An authentic mustering hut with 8 tidy bunk beds and an open fire, this hut is full of character. 


You can drive to the door in less than an hour from Tekapo Village, soaking up the breathtaking views as you meander up the valley on well-maintained 4WD tracks. With no main river to cross, it means the hut is accessible all year round with plenty of wonderful walks to enjoy nearby. 


The jewel in the crown for your stay here (apart from the serenity) is the short walk up the hill behind to sit and soak up the large waterfall. 


$30 per person per night