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Our Story

Located 15 mins drive outside of Tekapo Township, Will and Ems Murray farm merino (sheep), deer and cattle on Glenmore Station.

Covering 19,000-odd hectares, the property rises from the western shore of Lake Tekapo to the border of the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.

The Cass Valley

The Cass Valley is situated on the western side of Lake Tekapo, offering a world of natural wonder and beauty. The Cass Valley encompasses a large block of mountainous country, containing high inherent landscape values of The Mackenzie Country. The overall naturalness of the rocky steep scree slides, the U-shaped valleys carved by glaciation, waterfalls, glaciers, lateral moraines and tussock-clad terraces, overwhelm the senses and ignite the wonder of such a supremely stunning and unique landscape.


The Cass Valleys braided river system and Delta is also a special environment for some of New Zealand’s most endangered nesting birds such as The Black Stilt, The Wry Bill, The Black Fronted Turn, The Banded Dotterel, The Black Billed Gull and the Oyster Catcher.

© Rachael Mckenna - Glenmore station--3.

Image © Rachael McKenna

Glenmore Merino Stud

The Glenmore Merino Stud has been an integral part of our farming practice since 1976.

Perfectly suited to the environment in which they roam freely, our aim is to consistently produce a high-quality merino fibre with good alignment and nourishment within our breeding programme.

We are proud to have been winners of the Supreme Champion Fleece at the Wanaka Show in both 2020 and 2021.

The Glenmore Merino Stud was founded by Jim & Anne Murray in 1976. We have always bred heavy cutting, well-nourished 19-micron rams that suit our gorge property. Today we sell over 120 rams annually from Marlborough to the Shotover River.

The emphasis has always been on producing a constantly sound ram displaying very crimpy, bold wool with good alignment and nourishment. Our commercial ewe wool clip has had an average of 18.7-19 micron for the past five years and cutting just over 6kg.

We work closely with our Australian stud consultant Chris Bowman. Chris brings a lifetime of practical knowledge to the industry and is also employed by most of our ram clients to class their commercial flocks. This serves to align our breeding goals with those of our clients.

We also work with NeXtgen Agri to create and maximise our estimated breeding values. All the data we collect from the stud is sent to Merino Select to create these breeding values.

Two years ago, we started Glenmore Polls, with the aim of combining the big wool of our horned sheep with the carcass traits of the poll. Our horned and poll studs will complement each other well.


Winners of the Supreme Champion Fleece at the Wanaka Show in both 2020 and 2021.

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