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Our Story

Located 15 mins drive outside of Tekapo Township, Will and Ems Murray farm merino (sheep), deer and cattle on Glenmore Station.

Covering 19,000-odd hectares, the property rises from the western shore of Lake Tekapo to the border of the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.

The Cass Valley

The Cass Valley is situated on the western side of Lake Tekapo, offering a world of natural wonder and beauty. The Cass Valley encompasses a large block of mountainous country, containing high inherent landscape values of The Mackenzie Country. The overall naturalness of the rocky steep scree slides, the U-shaped valleys carved by glaciation, waterfalls, glaciers, lateral moraines and tussock-clad terraces, overwhelm the senses and ignite the wonder of such a supremely stunning and unique landscape.


The Cass Valleys braided river system and Delta is also a special environment for some of New Zealand’s most endangered nesting birds such as The Black Stilt, The Wry Bill, The Black Fronted Turn, The Banded Dotterel, The Black Billed Gull and the Oyster Catcher.

© Rachael Mckenna - Glenmore station--3.

Image © Rachael McKenna

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