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O'Leary's Hot Tub

Experience ultimate relaxation in the middle of the Cass Valley at O'Leary's Hut with our woodfire hot tub. Whether you've conquered the slopes, trekked from the valley below, or flown in by helicopter for the occasion, immerse yourself in pure bliss amidst majestic mountains and serene solitude.

Nestled at O'Leary's Hut, our Kiwitub uses pristine alpine water, and it requires no chemicals, electricity, pumps, or plumbing. Simply stoke the firewood burner to keep the water warm for as long as you wish.

Accommodating up to 6 adults, this one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for any season. Whether it's summer's warmth, autumn's hues, winter's snow, or spring's rejuvenation, indulge in the timeless joy of soaking in our hut tub.

How it Works

1. Upon arrival at O'Leary's Hut, begin your hot tub experience by filling it with fresh alpine water from the tap.

2. Light the burner and stoke it up with the provided firewood.


3. While the water heats up, you have options for how to spend your time. You could head out for a day of skiing, take a scenic flight up to the whisky hut for a relaxing dram or two, or simply enjoy the epic views of the surrounding mountains. The water takes approximately 2 hours to heat.


4. When the water is warmed to perfection, grab a glass of bubbles, slip into the soothing warmth of the tub, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views and the brilliance of the sky (and stars!) above.

5. Upon leaving the hut, please ensure the water is emptied from the tub, wipe down the inside and leave it nice and tidy, ready for the next guests to enjoy.

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